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Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver (1992)



to return to a more natural state

Ever feel too stressed, off-balance, or overwhelmed in your parenting journey? At a crossroad of a big life decision? Do you crave a conscious shift in your routine but have no idea where to start? Keep starting strong just to end up falling back into the same old habits?

You’re not alone.

Rewild is a remote wellness group to help you find freedom from stress. Come reconnect with your wild, inner-child, get playful and creative, experiment and problem-solve within a supportive group of like-minded mommas!

Option One: Remote Group Coaching ONLY

Connect with your group through bi-weekly (every other week) remote sessions

Enjoy six collaborative, creative, discussion-based sessions over the course of three months

Explore journaling prompts and wild writing

Get clear and create conscious changes to your life, health, and wellbeing

Discover mindful eating, meal prep skills, body positivity, stress-management, sleep hygiene, and grounding & breathing techniques

Total Investment: $230

Option Two: Remote Group Coaching + One-to-One Sessions

Receive one-to-one health, wellness, and life coaching over four months

Experience up to four 50-minute remote sessions and additional follow-up session add-ons

Discover four additional hours of individualized care to help you integrate the group sessions into your busy schedule

Total Investment: $500

The Mindful Momma is committed to offering coaching and group courses to individuals who have a true desire and motivation to attend regardless of ability to pay. If cost is a barrier, we offer scholarships and monthly payment plans. Please let us know you’d like to explore these options.

Available Sessions

Send us a note to stay in the loop for the next Rewild group!

Every other week over the course of 12 weeks / three months, a motivated and curious group of mommas will connect in an interactive video call with facilitator and board-certified health and wellness coach, Emma Capulong.

A health and wellness coach has comprehensive training in healthy-habits rooted in counseling psychology, positive psychology, and motivational interviewing (MI) to uncover what’s most important to you—and the specific steps that will get you to where you want to be. In this collaborative environment, you will also have the collective wisdom of the group to help you get to the place you’ve only been dreaming of.


Engage: Build collaborative, kind, and empowering relationships
Explore: Help you explore and unleash your strengths, values, and motivation
Envision: Facilitate an intrinsically-motivated and value-centered vision for success
Experiment: Provide unconditional support as you transform your values, strengths, and vision into action and explore what works best for your one-of-a-kind life
Evolve: Support you as you form lasting habits and set off on new adventures

Other people are the best antidote to the downs of life and the single most reliable up.

Martin E.P. Seligman in Flourish (2011)

Let’s create something beautiful together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What time will the weekly group meetings be held?

Bi-weekly meetings are usually held every-other week on Mondays @ 5:00- 6:30 pm MST 


Thursdays @ 5:30- 7:00 pm MST

What if I have to miss one or more of our meetings?

Group members will have one opportunity to make-up an abbreviated version of the session in a 50-minute one-to-one meeting.

If I am doing a payment plan, when do my payments need to be completed? 

We will need all payments completed before the first course start-date. If you have arranged another payment plan due to financial hardship, please reach out to your facilitator for more information.

How much additional support is available outside of the weekly group meetings?

If one-to-one support is one of the main reasons you’re here, we can schedule up to four 50-minute sessions, either in-person or remote. 

Text coaching is also an available option (Available hours: 9am – 7pm on Tuesday – Saturday). Your coach will do their best to respond within 30 minutes during these days, however it may be up to 8-hours. If participants need more immediate support—especially regarding a mental health crisis—the Montana Help Center (406-586-3333) and National Crisis Text Line (text 741-741) are available 24/7.

What if I change my mind? Can I get my money back?

If you wish to cancel your enrollment you have fourteen (14) days before the start date of the program to request a refund (08/09/21). Due to your spot being saved, the $75 deposit is nonrefundable. If requested 14 days before the start-date, you may receive a refund for the amount you paid minus the cost of any materials that you have received. There will be no refunds provided after this 14 day period nor any time after the course has begun.

Will I have access to ongoing support after the program is over?

We will exchange phone numbers, emails, and social media for those who’d like to participate and consider other options for staying in touch after the course. When the program is over, there are several options for alumni to receive ongoing support as needed through one-to-one coaching plans and special events.

How do I know if Rewild is right for me?

  • You’ll love Rewild if you’re passionate about creating sustainable changes in your wellbeing are genuinely excited to discover how to work with your body rather than against it.
  • You’ll benefit from Rewild if you have the time and energy to commit to it every-other-week. “Commit” meaning that you are able to attend the bi-weekly sessions, engage compassionately with your group, and participate to the best of your ability in all activities.
  • You are thrilled to join a program that offers comprehensive and practical ways to help you transition from one phase of life to the next and incorporate self-care into your everyday life.
  • You learn better experientially rather than in a classroom setting.
  • You’re looking for a safe community to explore your identity and values and discover intentional ways to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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