Outside the Wellness Industry

Find Natural Freedom From Stress There is so much information regarding what it takes to be healthy and well that most of us have forgotten to listen.To our bodies who hold us.To the still, small voice of our creator who ignites our fire.To the tender Earth sounds who help us feel still, calm, and centered.We’ve…

4 Ways to Support Youth

Supporting Youth “You’re not depressed, you’re just selfish,” her father’s words sank into her bones. In an instant, the world became tinier than it already felt in her restless body. As a 16-year-old already feeling lost in her skin and seeking a way out through peers, self-harm, sex, and substances, she unleashed what she’d been…

Mountain Girls

AMGA Rock Guide Course 2021 I stare at the worn spines of adventure classics, many of them required reading in my youth. Verne, London, Thoreau, Tolkien, Krakauer, and Abbey stare back at me. I was entranced with nature and adventure from a young age; not until recently did I see myself as a guide, worthy…

Re-Learning Rest

Finding Sustainable Self Care & Taking a Break From Your To-Do List “I need to get it all done today.” Conditioning from all the years in public education, from familial expectations, from this inner-critic, weighs on me heavily. These words have been conditioned in myself and so many others. We may feel like there’s so…


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A mix of wellness tips, meditations, journal prompts, poetry, adventure stories, and special events.

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