Outside the Wellness Industry

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Find Natural Freedom From Stress

There is so much information regarding what it takes to be healthy and well that most of us have forgotten to listen.

To our bodies who hold us.

To the still, small voice of our creator who ignites our fire.

To the tender Earth sounds who help us feel still, calm, and centered.

We’ve lost the ability to be curious children in this wild world.

We’ve forgotten how to play.

There has never been a one-size-fits-all approach to health.

There’s no magic pill to create meaning and purpose and success in our life.

It takes dedication and discipline, but it also takes joy.

If we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, we’re not going to stick with it.


The health and wellness industry stresses us out more than it often helps —

You need to buy this.

Do this.

Eat that.

And don’t eat that.

Move your body in this way.

While we are out buying the newest quick fixes to our loneliness, fear, and pain our bodies and the natural world are suffering more for it.

How often do we truly allow ourselves to be moved by the beauty on this earth and within the body?

How often do we appreciate all that we’ve made it through to get here, rather than focusing on how far we’ve yet to go?

How often do we sit with each season?

Let’s get outside the expectations to be perfect (hellooo, that’s not possible!) and inside the body.

What practices feel fun, like a gift rather than a chore?

What would you as a child be overjoyed to experience?

We must slow down and simplify — start fresh with every breath.

Connect with the natural world in any way we can.

Settle your nervous system through play.

See what you’re capable of — and then build on that.

Less is far more.

You have everything you need to bring your joy to the surface.

And we’re here to help.

Curious About Outside Wellness Coaching?

One response to “Outside the Wellness Industry”

  1. Terry Y Stetzner Avatar
    Terry Y Stetzner

    You have a beautiful vision and a generous heart. Wishing you all success in your effort to spread health, wellness and joy.


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