Abide; V7

Merry Christmas, Find Your Rest

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been experiencing the culmination of loss and grief from this year. The sadness is settling in that I cannot meet with all my loved ones. It feels extra lonely now. And at the same time, extra still. As I shared in March of this year in Sometimes, Inside is Your Best Side,

“Nature uses the season of winter to rest from the productivity of spring, abundance of summer, and harvest of autumn. We all know this, but rarely practice it. In my lifetime we haven’t ever had to cease producing and consuming. We haven’t had to rest. There’s new growth and ideas and goods always sprouting up. We’ve been encouraged to keep up, keep going, do more.”

How might we find a better balance of stillness and contemplation when we can all be together again? This has been an unusually still Christmas and winter solstice season, and yet, perhaps that is exactly what our creator had intended from the very beginning when he sent a child to guide us with his “still, small voice.” I invite you to listen with me. I invite you to rest with me. I invite you to share your amazing story, when you feel ready.

Please reach out if you feel that you need some extra support in this time. You are not alone. May you feel that you are deeply, deeply loved beneath the surface of this challenging season.


Journal Prompts: This year…

  • When, where, or with whom did you felt most warm, safe, protected, and honored?
  • What do you love most?
  • What are three strengths you’ve tapped into? In what ways have you applied them?
  • How did you rest and renew?
  • What brings you deep joy?
  • What are you most grateful for this year?
  • What brought you a sense of wonder?
  • What has been hard to accept? What does this challenge have to teach you?
  • Who supported you in the ways you needed most? How did they support you?
  • When is one area of your day (specific time) that you can cultivate stillness during this Christmas and solstice season?

With infinite warmth,

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