Abide; V5

Music & Movement Medicine Meditation

For more gentle medicine songs, including “fern’s song” please visit Leah’s SoundCloud.

“root to rise”

the depths of my being

dance into the earth

with strength and patience

these roots move me

as they grow under the surface

where I cannot see with eyes

but feel in my bloodstream

I fall deep into myself

I grow




until I rise


Journaling Roots:

  • How have your roots been feeling recently? Your roots are the foundation of all your work on the surface.
  • Draw your current root system: What’s your soil made of? What do your roots look and feel like? What are you rooting into? If this current root system inside you is not helping you grow, what would you change?
  • Draw your new ideal, most wonderful root system. What is one step you can take today to nurture and nourish your depths?

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